Tuesday, 5 May 2009


Litter Picking - so it's not my most glamorous role, but it is still important. Somebody has to pick it up. In some ways I quite enjoy it, a bit of quiet time wandering around the property and car parks with my plastic bag and a pair of litter pickers before the Great British Public turn up.

You really would be surprised what turns up. You get all the usual stuff - sweet wrappers, tissues, cigarette ends etc but there is also the weird and the downright disgusting. Before now I've found; a whole box of unused tissues, a petrol filler cap and socks (two single ones on separate occasions). I've yet to find a forgotten Granny or a briefcase of £50 notes.

Most of our visitors are great, and deal with the rubbish properly but there are two pet hates;

Baby Wipes - they are not the same as tissues - think about what they've been designed to wipe and from where - they do not simply disintegrate when you drop them out of your car window.

The second? Well - many properties and locations are beautifully romantic and sometimes people are moved to the point of an amorous 'liaison' in their car -but please, if the mood does take you - please please please take the evidence home with you - don't leave it for the poor litter picker to pick up the next day...

To all those sensible, tidy and thoughtful people - Thank you!


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  1. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging Darryl.
    I live in a very urban area (and while I appreciate it's all part and parcel of urban living) some of the litter I see is disgusting. There are shoes, half-eaten and half regergetated kebabs and plenty of remnants of 'romantic liaisons'.


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